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71 words Sunday, June 12, 2011

I hit another writing wall tonight and I think I can blame Rock Band for it.

It took close to twenty minutes for me to clear my mind sufficiently enough for the right brain to start thinking coherently; I’ve not experienced anything like this previously. I wrote 71 words and then had to mentally prepare my brain by writing every step Damen took while his grandparents house.

That said, once the writing juices started to flow, the writing came with ease and I, once again, likened Damen to myself. As this always occurs, I write or start to write something about Damen and then realize, usually mid-sentence, that I’ve given him something from my own life or personality again. Today, I mentioned that Damen was closer to his second cousins than his first, again, pulling from my own life.

Like Damen, I just end up seeing my second cousins far more often than my first and thus, I am closer to them than the ones on either my mother or father’s side. This is incredibly poignant today as we christened Bumby today and remember thinking that I had never felt more like I was a sibling than a distant cousin than I did standing at the altar with my family.

I managed to write 319 words (who Damen assumed were their girlfriends) tonight and got some nice notes going so hopefully, the next few days won’t be so difficult for me to sit down and write for just a bit. I suppose I could stop playing Rock Band for a day or two, but that’s just nonsense…


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