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Come Away With Me Thursday, June 9, 2011

by Norah Jones ~ Come Away With Me

Well, the vacation is almost over and I’m already counting down the days when I can take another span of time for just myself. Spending these last few days just playing Rock Band, playing piano and writing has been just so relaxing. I’ve even lost a little weight. I don’t know what I’ll do to keep the stress at bay once I go back to first-job, but with less than 36 hours remaining before I’m due to appear there again, I’m already being weighed down with a little bit of dread.

I’d like to think that tomorrow will be the most productive of all these days, but I know I’m wrong. I’ll probably do a little laundry, but since Season 7 of Frasier will be coming tomorrow (and, if memory serves, it’s the season where Daphne discovers how Niles feels about her), much of the day will be spent watching Frasier in between bouts of Rock Band.

Speaking of my favorite game, I hit a wall this afternoon that almost turned me off of gaming altogether. I’ve recently become infatuated with the idea of Xbox achievements to the point where I think I’m no longer going to buy Wii games since I can’t must the desire to play them when there are no achievements to earn. I mean, I could play the games just out of the fun of playing them, but really…

Today, while trying to gain the “Big in NYC” achievement for Rock Band 1, I realized that I’d have to master a song on Hard that happened to be the one song that caused me to give up on completing the Hard tour in solo mode. I was just so discouraged by my failure and the thought that I would need to spend real effort at mastering this song to get any other achievements that I wanted to give up on all the games I’d bought and all the time and money I’d put into them. Instead of quitting, however, I strengthened my resolve and have decided that, like with every other Rock Band Everest I’ve come across, this too shall pass. I’ll beat “Flirting With Disaster” eventually, in much the same way I spent hours trying to beat the Expert tour for vocals: days and days and days of failure until the glorious moment finally shined.

What this showed me, however, was that I really enjoy just playing through songs in a simple setlist which is why I spent the past 5 hours creating and customizing characters for Rock Band 3, creating my band, syncing with the RB website, connecting that with Facebook, designing a band emblem, creating a Green Day “Faves” playlist for RB3 and then playing through said playlist. Aside from that, I’m going to start playing through the RB2 achievements and also Lego Rock Band so that my gamerscore can at least increase a bit as I delve further into my newest hobby.

The most important thing that separates Rock Band from other games for me is the ability to put down the game so that I can write. True, I just left RB3 on the main screen while I went upstairs to write, but the point is that I did squeeze out some time to write. Perhaps not as much as I could have, had I not spent the entire day playing Rock Band, but still…I’m on vacation. 🙂

I wrote 421 words tonight (just kept pulling her right back out of the gutter again) and, like I knew would happen eventually, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Lucy are coming into focus as I continue the chapter and bring Aunt Jackie’s character to centre stage. The key with Aunt Jackie, though, will be to still soften her and make her likeable again before Damen leaves LA. I can’t very well leave her sounding like some raving drunk who is clearly still mourning the loss of her older brother.

Perhaps, I really will “waste” tomorrow as well. I’ve got a ton of writing I’d like to complete on top of the mountain of other things I’d like to do and have got Sunday and Monday to do things as well…

Oh, well. I’ll mull over the depths of my procrastination as I continue playing Rock Band and time will tell the rest.


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