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And then, the basement flooded Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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I spent the majority of today playing Rock Band. I reached 605G on Green Day Rock Band and decided that I had gone probably as far as I could to go in one day, so I switched to Rock Band 1 to see if the Green Day songs had imported. To my delight, they did and I play through a few gigs with several Green Day songs spliced here and there; quite the enjoyable experience, though markedly different than playing in the normal game.

My avatars see to “rock” incessantly whether the song is fast or slow and I teeter between amusement and disapproval at animations with each song. With the exception of just a few more achievements (which will require a LOT of practice to achieve), I think it’s time to move back to Rock Band 1 full time before moving on to the Lego Rock Band and then another try at Force Unleashed as an achievement hunt.

As I said, I did little else outside of playing Rock Band…actually, now, that I think of it, I encoded some TV shows on my tera drive, but considering my laundry list of items, including laundry, that doesn’t really count as much.

The highlight of the day came when I went downstairs to get some clothes from the dryer and found that the basement had flooded. It’s not the entire floor, but it certainly puts a damper on my plans for Thursday and Friday (pun intended 🙂 ).

I wrote 343 words tonight (this long cornfield on the main highway in and out of Hanby) and as I close on my second day of vacation, I think I’ve done all right. Even if I don’t accomplish what I’d wanted, I still took some time away from everyone and relished in some Dorienne time, a rarely-seen luxury on this side of adulthood, and that’s still fine.


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