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Vacation Sunday, June 5, 2011

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I’ve decided to take vacation this week, though I’m not quite sure how I’ll be spending it. I’d like to spend the week writing and playing Rock Band and catching up a little on work, but I imagine myself not getting much of anything done at all, regardless.

I’m thinking this way as I’ve been home since about 3pm and I didn’t get my car cleaned and still didn’t manage to play any more Rock Band for the whole day. What I’ll do tomorrow is still a mystery.

I’ve spent the entire day watching Frasier and nibbling on this and that; mostly watching Frasier. I did manage to get to church today and hold my Bumby for a bit and I did manage to write 322 words this evening (humbled him as he lounged across the bed) as well as play the piano for a bit as well.

Here’s praying that this week is at least partly productive…


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