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Struggling sentences Saturday, June 4, 2011

I’ve not got much to say this evening. I’m a little tired from spending 15 minutes playing Jesus of Suburbia in Green Day Rock Band (5 mins to fail the first time on Expert and another 10 to pass the song on Hard) and trying to reach 250 words.

I worked hard for the 281 words (he had done on their landscaping.) I managed tonight. I had to reach for every single word and push for every sentence. I didn’t think I’d make it all, but finally some inspiration struck.

With all this struggling, however, I’m starting to wonder whether these scenes and this chapter is really worth it. I’ve not had to work this hard earlier and I think it may be because Damen’s grandparents aren’t as fleshed out as others in the novel. Perhaps all this will pass once I bring on Aunt Jackie, but still…it’s a little troubling to be struggling this hard this far into the book.


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