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A new project Thursday, May 26, 2011

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I got some…I can’t tell if it’s good or bad news yet, so I’ll just call it “news.”… at first-job today and I knew shortly afterward that I needed to go see and hear water before I completely lost my sanity. In addition to seeing the water, when I ventured down the reservoir, I also got to take some pictures of a storm rolling in across the water and came up with an idea for a new project.

I was so enthralled with the idea that I imagined myself setting aside Damen and pouring all my efforts into my new project, but when I struggled to find a name for my new protagonist, I had to let that daydream slide for a bit. I still haven’t got a good name for her yet. I’m leaning towards Emily, but I think I’d like something a little more “modern” and I still can’t say much about her other than that she’s a she and she’s pale, but other than that, I’m lost.

I’m really loving this newfound fondness for opera and classical music. I figured out that I could get Pandora to work through my car iPhone adapter and am now intrigued by the prospect of buying a subscription to Pandora or Slacker. Oddly, the different services cater to different needs and really live up to their names. Where Pandora is more like music exploration and panders to my desire to make an even more direct station by liking one track and disliking another. There is also an odd pleasure in disliking a song I adore on one station because I was trying to create a smoothe and mellow station. Slacker, on the other hand, if anything, promotes me to be a slacker in that I don’t really have to work as hard to listen to good music. They already have a nice little set of pre-made stations and, though there’s an option to create custom stations in the same vein as Pandora. With that said, their plan is slightly less expensive and a subscription means I could skip as many songs as I wanted and have the option to cache songs to my phone. On my third hand, however, the current stations I have are already so fined tuned after a year or finessing that I have little reason to skip any song that plays. And, the debate in my mind, goes back and forth several more times…

Anyway, I wrote 337 words tonight (mother would never let that happen), though it came incredibly close to not happening, but again, I wanted to just keep this drive going for just one…more…day.

My eyelids have grown heavy and it’s becoming far more difficult to type coherent sentences, so it’s time to say adieu for the night.


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