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All this watching Frasier non-stop got me interested more interested in classical music, hence the reason I wanted to hear classical music so badly as I drove my new car for the first time. Specifically, I’ve been more interested in arias from different operas which drove me to Pandora to try my best at creating a station to mimic the one I’d found on the radio that played a healthy mix of nocturnes, arias and the like. In playing with Pandora, I took another look at Slacker and then spent the majority of the evening researching which of the two was the better app for iPhone and for me. So, I didn’t really get any more writing done other than what I’d already written this afternoon and I didn’t get to play any Rock Band either.

Today was an odd mix of confusion, stress, boredom and fun. There are times when I’m sure that I’m going completely crazy as mind my struggles to remain clear and think rationally. I’m also suffering from some pretty fantastic sleep apnea lately, which is made even more incredible considering the bouts of insomnia I’ve been facing. So, I’ll not sleep for days and then eventually, fall into a sleep so deep that I stop breathing and then throw up in my sleep. If I live to see 30, it’s only by the grace of God. Honestly, that I’ve survived to 26 is proof enough of that.

I’m done babbling…

I wrote 273 words today (with The Phantom Tollbooth within an arm’s reach. ). If anything helps get the creative juices flowing and going, it’s these monthly cycles of craziness and insomnia I face each month.


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