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What a World Friday, May 20, 2011

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So apparently, some folks are predicting that the end of the world cometh tomorrow…such tripe!

Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone can call him or herself a Christian, acknowledge that God’s ways are not our ways and that He is ever mysterious, but then turn around proclaim that they’ve been given foresight into the knowledge of not just the day, but the exact minute when the rapture is supposed to occur. Again, such tripe!

Anyway, what really prompted me tonight was a discovery I’d made in the grocery store tonight about postage-paid greeting cards! What a beautiful concept! My relatives will be receiving a plethora of cards going forward, now that I don’t have to hunt down or go to the post office on a quest for a single stamp to mail a letter.

I wrote 344 words tonight (and left his room to get ready for school). I had got to 247, but 3 words turned into another hundred, but I really do love what I’m writing right now. Not enough to continue watching when I’ve got more Frasier episodes waiting for me, but you know…priorities.


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