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Seems, madam? Nay, it is. Sunday, May 15, 2011

I’ve come to the scene in Damen where Damen and Brit decide to read Hamlet together. It took me quite some time to decide upon each of the books they’ll read throughout the novel and, with the exception of The God of Small Things, the titles of have changed quite often. Hamlet, and the aforementioned title, are the two, however, that managed to weave their way into overarching story.

Even though it is a stretch to liken Damen’s predicament with that of Hamlet’s, but I still enjoy doing it. The father is dead, the mother has remarried and there’s something rotten in Hanby. 🙂 It just works out so well and knowing my protagonist as well as I do, I’ve long since known that Damen would sense an immediate kinship towards Hamlet.

I’m rather excited at the moment by how well the last thousand words have flowed for me. I’m also revelling in something between Elysian calm and the outright joy that comes from spending much of the day playing Rock Band and bumping my gamerscore. That said, I did not go to church today, which means I didn’t get any first-job work done today, which means there will be hell to pay tomorrow. With that said, I’d rather not think about tomorrow for the moment and just sigh pleasantly happy for the relaxation that this day has brought.

I wrote 775 words tonight (You can choose the next one) and very well could have written more, but after a day of playing Rock Band, Kinect Adventures and Lego Clone Wars…I’m a bit fatigued. In a good way.


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