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Dana writes! Wednesday, May 11, 2011

After finishing a session of reading through my heavy list of webcomics today, I came upon an interesting answer to something that’s been troubling me for a long while.

While annoyed that so many of the comics with the best writing tend to eventually be about lesbians, I thought about my long list and the fact that Damen, too, reads webcomics (again, pulling from my own personality). In considering my list of comics, I wondered what current comics Damen might (have) read. Least I Could Do seems a little boorish for him and Questionable Content would probably annoy him. He might find some interest in Orneryboy, but really I thought he would enjoy xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal more than anything else I read; not so much slice of life, but relatively interesting with math spliced within the jokes every so often.

Further thinking about what Damen would read, I wondered if I should develop the idea that Damen eventually creates a comic of his own. I’ve already established the artistic talent, but it’s the writing that would probably stump him. Just because he reads often, does not mean he would be able to write a strong story of his own, which led me to wondering about who could write the comic for him. Immediately, I thought of Damen and Brit hunkered down together and occasionally fighting about the comic, but the more I thought about it, the more I hated it. Brit does not strike me as a writer and to make her such, would mean I’d have to draw more of my own persona into her and from the very onset of this novel, even before I’d settled on a name for her, I’d sworn to myself that Brit would not be me. So, who to choose…who to choose to write this comic for Damen?

I not only leaped to Dana’s unfinished character for this task, I also was able to further develop her friendship with Damen. Just the other day, I was thinking to myself that Damen needed someone to talk to about Brit and Corey other than one another. I even played around with the idea of him bouncing ideas off of Anthony, but there’s no way that would be fruitful or even remotely characteristic of either of them. Dana fills this space like the straight, long four-block Tetris piece you had been wanting, twelve pieces earlier.

I’ve considered the idea of the shared comic throughout the day and, while I originally wanted Damen to “takeover” my comic “Little Green Men,” it feels unnatural. Nothing about LGM is Damenesque and really, it’s a project all its own. I’ve decided they’ll create these dramatic works of art together. What Dana will do with these in the very end, I don’t know, but perhaps I’ll work that part into Angel’s story.

Today, I made Dana an AIM profile (DanaBGr8) like I did with Damen, Brit, Corey and Tabitha and I think I freaked out a friend of mine today when I was describing what it was like to be so enthralled about writing and characterization, so I’ll try to remember to keep those kinds of thoughts focused to just this blog.

I wrote 528 words today (demanded that he have something to eat.) and would have written more, but first-job took a lot out of me today and it won’t be getting any better tomorrow, so I think I just need some rest tonight…and no bake cookies. Especially the cookies.


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