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The man and the music Monday, May 9, 2011

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Some months ago, while I was pining away for a new car on my way to work, I stopped at a light and happened to glance around me. To my right, I saw an older (40-50ish) gentleman in an upscale car and from his vehicle emanated the most beautiful classical music I’d ever heard. At the time, it struck me as very odd that someone would have that playing in their car, as I had been brought up with “singable” music playing in the car at all times, but it was not until seeing this man, looking very content in his nice car and with his classical music, that an urge for the same perceived refinement and grace he exhibited rang within me and few days have gone by where I have not thought of this man.

I’m not sure if I’ve been watching too much Frasier (I probably have), but I’ve been thinking of this refined man more and more often lately and the desire to sit in my new car and listen to the classical channel has been pulling more than ever. I’ve found renewed vigor in my quest for learning the piano and, while “Crunchy Flakes” turned out to be a little too difficult for me at the moment, on I press.

I also want to do something with myself and that something may just be reading more often. I put so much effort into writing that I’ve not got the time for the real enjoyable things such as reading and, since my beloved Xbox suffered the famous Red Ring of Death, taking Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lego Star Wars in its wake, I’ve suddenly got a lot more time on my hands.

I wrote 333 words tonight (still the nicest person I’ve met out here) and will probably watch more episodes of Frasier (not all since, I’m still missing a disc), but tonight I’ll make an effort to read a bit before I fall asleep. As my listless self has been saying for days now, I’ve got do something with myself.


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