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Dana Thursday, May 5, 2011

I still haven’t discovered how Dana Barrington will fit into the rest of Damen, but after I’ve described her in as much detail as I’ve described any other important character in the book, I think I’ll have to keep her, even if she does become a peripheral character in the end.

When writing her tonight, I can’t help but remember when I writing Flight and first conceived of her. Even though in all the words in that 450K-word behemoth of a first novel, maybe less than a thousand pertain directly to her, for some reason, she stuck with me even outside of Flight. I knew before I’d even written the basic notes for Damen that I would be adding one of my Flight characters into Damen, but I’d come up with some many new characters in Flight (Maya, Jillian, Jonathan, Bryce) that it seems a little silly to chose Dana out of all of them, but I did. That said, I knew that little Deondre Meekham would be added to another project that may now never see the light of day (I think I may add Miles to Jill because there are a ton of similarities in their notes), but still Dana Barrington made it into another project out of the numerous other voices crafted in the entirety of Flight.

I think what endears me to her so much is the name. I take great care with any character I give the name Dana as I’ve grown up watching The X-Files and I’ve grown up regarding that name with the same esteem that I would for that of my own mother…(note to self: Fedex Mother’s Day cards to Mother and Grandma tomorrow!). Flight was so long ago at this point that I struggle to remember just why I chose this person to bequeath the name Dana, but since I did, I think it was almost providential that she turned out to be my chosen carryover character from Flight.

I wrote 491 words tonight (and the soft womanly air about her) and the majority of those were all about Dana. Again, I still have to figure out her purpose for all of Damen and may figure out all of it by the time I’ve finished this chapter (or two, since I’m pretty sure I’ll have to split it now), but even if I don’t, I know I’ll still enjoy writing her.


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