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Celebration? Sunday, May 1, 2011

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I showed my new car to my family today after church and got to revel in the glow of congratulations for people who were truly happy for me and happy to celebrate with me. For that, I’m happy to celebrate.

Barry O (Pres Obama) confirmed – a good hour after I’d learned it on Twitter – announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. For that, I’m happy, but a bit awkward to celebrate. He said a lot of I’s and My’s in his speech which ticked me off a bit considering that he was playing golf as of this morning, not lying in wait for the perfect shot at bin Laden’s head, albeit he did have to cut short to 8 holes instead of his usual 18.

As an American, I’m elated that WE got bin Laden. As a Christian, I’m sorrowful for the man’s soul and that he had to die, so it’s difficult for me to truly get wrapped in the celebration of his death. It feels like an eye for an eye and I can arrogantly state that while he spent the last ten years of his life trying to scratch a living off rocks, I was living like the little black American princess I am. So much for the Fatwa against American citizens…That said, I’m going to pray tonight for him, for what’s left of his family and for what tomorrow could bring.

I wrote 297 words (It was just…stuff) tonight – many during Barry O’s speech – and I even though I’d like to celebrate today as a day where I’d gone to church, driven my car, chatted with my Grandma and even wrote a little, all that celebrating is just a little bittersweet.


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