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New Steps Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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I think I figured out how to tie up my hair with a satin scarf…well, at least it hasn’t slid off my head yet and it’s not giving me a headache; hurray for YouTube videos.

I’m also going to try giving this Remote Access stuff a try for first-job tonight. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do this week and it would be just lovely if I could do a little bit more from the comfort of my chair/sofa/whatever, in glasses and in my PJs with my music playing in the background.

I wrote 272 words tonight (from frowning when Brit’s parents) and just had to stop when I realized that a slight change in some earlier dialogue – a change I really liked – has completely altered how I’ll need to go about ending this scene and I realized that I couldn’t write any further until I came up with a plan to fix my congruity error.

I’m a bit sleepy since I spent all of last night taking down my braids and most of this morning, combing out and attempting to straighten my hair, but since I’ve got first-job stuff ahead of me and 2/3 bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red beside me, I know I’ll be all right.


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