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Promotion Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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I’ve been promoted! I don’t think I’m as excited about it as I could or should be since it overall means I’ll be making a bit less money in the long run, but at least now I can move on with the next phase of my life.

I’ll have a better schedule, so I’ll have more time in the morning to play piano or do whatever else I’ll need to do with my mornings. To be honest, it’s what I wanted initially before I got so wrapped up and depressed by money and my lack of it. The best thing, honestly, is that now I won’t have such a large cloud hanging over my shoulder regarding first-job.

Anyway, I wrote just 280 words tonight (“Ms. ‘Em, I don’t be unnerstandin’ you sometimes.” “Likewise.”) which is really a miracle considering that I wanted to just go to sleep and let four months of faithful posting go to waste, but…I didn’t.

Now, however, after the busy day I’ve had, is time for sleep.


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