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Babies Saturday, April 9, 2011

A friend of mine had a baby girl today. I’m planning to see the one-month old daughter of another friend on Monday. I spent the majority of this afternoon celebrating my soon-to-be, err…fourth-cousin/nephew/extended family member with a baby shower; he’s due in another month. I see pictures on Facebook daily of the new babies and expected babies of other friends, family, church family and co-workers. To be honest, I’m a little tired of babies.

I get the appeal of them and I understand that I should feel blessed if I were to ever have one of my own, but whatever maternal instinct all girls supposedly have, I lack and right now, if I even see another baby, I may just go out and get my tubes tied just on principle.

That said, I still have this hope for an ideal family in the back of my mind where I’ll be married and the mother of three children (either two boys and girl or all boys) who I’ll home school because I don’t want their education to be as stunted as mine was even in private school and good public schools. So, perhaps I’m just a little irritated that my biological clock has suddenly started to tick so loud that it’s getting difficult to hear anything else.

Anyway, apart of hearing about, reading about and cooing about babies today, I managed to do an amazing amount of writing today. I was just really in the zone today and reached that place where I know I need to stop and rest, but I simply can’t stop writing. I love that place…a lot. I wrote 2020 words today (and he did not hear another word from her.) and made a ton of progress in Chapter 14, to the point that I may even finish it this week or before the next weekend.

Lofty aspiration aside, I did spend the majority of this evening playing Guitar Hero and trying to up my Gamerscore which, since I only have a few Xbox games, can barely reach into 12,000, but I’m just over 10% of that score which is pretty pathetic considering how much time I spend playing all these games and how exhausting they are. Expert Tour is ridiculously taxing and so is playing Call of Duty on the Wii. I stand playing Guitar Hero, Rock Band and most Wii games, so while I get the added bonus of burning off a few extra calories by standing for two or three hours straight, I definitely feel drained and dizzy when I pull myself away from the game. I’ll still be spending a good portion of the night (since I’m a big nerd) playing Fable II, but as an RPG, I know I won’t over-exert myself.


Enough of this Dear Diary post…back to gaming – I mean writing.


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