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Priceless Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Two weeks of searching on Craigslist: $0
E-mails back and forth with a Craigslist seller: $0
Two Rock Band guitars (1 I plan to sell on Craigslist myself), another copy of Rock Band 2 and a set of Rock Band drums: $60
Going back to the meeting place to get the drumsticks the seller forgot: $0
The emotions running through me at the thought of a complete Rock Band set: Priceless

I got a ton done at first-job today and I wrote 380 words tonight (the only food he had packed for himself for lunch.), yet all my thoughts are on Rock Band and playing my drums. I’ve been planning out the best songs to download for the game and nearly all spare thoughts have been on this game. Hence the brevity of this post, since it’s obvious how I’ll be spending the majority of my night.


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