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Cuts Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I’ve decided to bring the whole chapter count down from 24 to possibly 22 upon reading what lies ahead for what was once Chapters 13 – 16.

I hadn’t been concerned with word count as I’ve been writing Damen since, in these last few months, it’s just been imperative to just write and get the thing done. After I finished Chapter 12 last night after midnight, I did a rough estimate of my word count and somehow ended up with 240K words by the end of Chapter 12 (12 chapters * 20K words each). Horrified, I quickly did brought up each of the previous chapters to get a more accurate estimate came to about 99K…which makes sense now that I think about it since it’s really 12 chapters at about 10K words each since I’ve got my chapter files divided into two chapters each…yay math!

I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me for the next few days as I try to reorganize and still write something meaningful. The whole thing about their homecoming dance is being trashed since I’ve passed so much time at this point and it’s not relevant to moving the plot forward. So, I’m left in this quandary as I get from the point where Damen and Brit decide to read The God of Small Things together to the point where Damen realizes what the N and NP means when Corey refers to Brit.

It doesn’t sound like too much time should pass for all of this to occur (maybe two weeks at most) and now I’ve still got to squeeze in Damen meeting Dana Barrington and then going to Thanksgiving dinner at his grandparents…thinking about this further, I may just have Damen spent Christmas with the Eisengardners instead, just to give me some more breathing room.

I spent half the night basically trying to re-write the notes for Chapters 13, 14 and 15 and, while I’m currently recreating what used to be Chapter 16, I wonder what other cuts and remixes lay ahead for me.

What’s fascinating is that I clearly remember relaxing for a bit some time in early October 2009, satisfied that I’d created worthwhile “heavy notes,” but now, I’m rather disappointed with myself. I think with Flight, it was just a matter creating the heavy notes and then the first draft from there, with little deviation from the completed heavy notes. The huge edits came as I was posting the chapters on svufiction.com or fanfiction.net, etc. As I analyzed how others saw my characters or the flow of the story, I altered some of my writing to flesh out pieces or characters that were moving in the wrong direction. All the shuffling taught me LOADS about characterization and helped me craft Corey how I have, but still I’m disappointed that so much editing is needed and I’m still on the first draft.

I think what may be happening is that since this is my real shot at a novel and I’m no longer teaching myself how Dorienne! writes a novel, I’m much more critical on the project and the desire for it to be not just “okay” but simply fantastic is strong. What troubles me most is that from here on forward, I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in the same tangle of re-editing my notes to make them coherent and fit with the previous changes I made. 😦

I finished Chapter 12 around 1am this morning at 245 words and then wrote another 35 into Chapter 13 to bring me up to 280 words for the day (and asked Angel for a ride to school). I’ve slowly fallen into a groove of writing my goal for the month of 250 words a day and have even set my daily Writing Alarm about ten minutes earlier to make sure I’ve got the time to write and post, but I have to say…even with so much progress in these last few months, Chapter 13 may just be the hurdle that causes my fall. Well…maybe these next three chapters are just going to be a b***h to write.


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