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Sally’s Song Saturday, March 12, 2011

by Fiona Apple ~ The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

I don’t have much to say about today.

I rewrote the entire scene where Brit and Damen first discuss some of Jessie’s darker deeds, but I think it’s much more fluid and less whiny than it was originally. I also capture Damen pretty well; it’s hard to explain how I made him appear less like a little jerk you want to smack and more like someone with some real depth, but I think I did it.

I’m not going to first-job tomorrow, half because I’m so stressed about it right now, it’s hard to think clearly, but mostly because I’d prayed about last week and I promised God that I wasn’t going to go. I’m tired of spending my Sundays there anyway and, since I’ve got nothing else to do on Monday, I’ll have a real weekend for once.

Chapter 12 is nearly done, though it’s a bit longer than the other chapters have been. Normally this wouldn’t bother me except, having just wrote all of it, there’s not a lot that I think could be cut unlike all the cutting I know I’ll be doing for Chapter 3. Either way, I like just being this much closer to having a whole draft.

I wrote 1202 words (and without revisiting the topic of Jessie Clarke) tonight since I started a little earlier in my writing because I knew I hadn’t made any cushion for myself yesterday. I’m not sure I will tonight either since all I want to do is be warm and beat my new Everest in Rock Band (Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones, on Hard….grrrr!) and just not think about first-job or Japan or my FICO score or even Damen for the rest of the night.

Hmm…I guess I did have a little something to say about today. 🙂


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