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Nihon-koku Friday, March 11, 2011

Today began badly and ended badly. I found myself crying just before going to first-job and shortly coming home from it. It’s days like today that…I can’t say I question God because I know even if I ask everyday, I’ll never get the specific answer I seek, but I definitely want to ask why tragedies happen. I’ve been told numerous times that “life” happens so that God can get the glory, but when it first strikes, it’s very difficult to see how any glory can come from it.

I didn’t start to tear until I saw videos of it and all those people just screaming for the lives as both earthquake and tsunami tore into the island. I cherish Japanese culture; the language, the music, the art. Something like this hurts like it’s happening to someone I know. All I can say is that my heart and prayers go out to anyone affected by the tsunami.

My trials with first-job today briefly drove thoughts of the tsunami out of my mind, but even all that seems trivial in comparison. I, however, manage to do what I always do when I’m worried or distressed: write.

I wrote 1239 words today (and two of their other friends came to collect her) and may write a little more once I get warm for the night, but still…I’ve come to a part of Damen where Brit speaks in first person and just yesterday I was musing over how her screen name is himebrit which is hime-brit meaning Princess Brit and I wondered if Brit should be more enamoured with Japan.

I think, for the same reasons why Billie Jean will make an unannounced appearance in Damen because of something that shocked me while writing, Brit’s love of Japan has just found a muse.


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