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iQuit Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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I really wanted to give up on everything in my life several times today. Right before weighing myself, I wanted to give up on the diet. Right before going to first-job, I wanted to call in sick. Right before I started to write a little earlier than normal, I wanted to just forget about the book and settle with the fact that I would never achieve anything worthwhile in this life.

I wanted to quit, a lot, but instead was pleasantly surprised to see a drop at the scale, to see a lot of things get crossed off my list for first-job and to see that I had already written a little last night so that I only need to write another 149 words to bring me to 1255 words (Brit said, slumping her shoulders) for the day.

There’s so much that I want to do with my life right now and I keep telling myself if I could just have it right now, I’d be “fine.” But, I haven’t got any of things the second I wanted them. The weight is slowly coming off, I’m still waiting patiently to see this promotion come through and two and three hundred words at a time, this book is crawling to completion.

I just have to keep repeating the same words to myself to stay grounded, focused and, above all, patient: It’ll come…just be patient. It’ll come…just be patient. It’ll come…just be patient…


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