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Memories of college Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Damen, I’m writing the scene where Damen overhears Anessa chewing out Alexavier and it reminds me a lot of my college days; the discussions I’d have with my mother about why I wasn’t the shining star of the class or why I didn’t want to go through the trouble of going to med school, after all.

Though I tried to keep the dialogue relevant to the story, a good deal of the conversation comes straight from things my mother has said to me and I have found myself saying to my younger family members who are now where I was nearly a decade ago.

Thinking about college after all that’s happened in the last day reminds me of fortunate and blessed I’ve been and how things could have been a lot worse. No, I wasn’t raised with both parents in my home, but I have a lot of people who love me nonetheless and was raised by a mother who not only has a good head on her shoulders and a way of preparing for the future that few others can match. I have been spared from the heartache and depression that comes from being raised in a household that where there was nothing to look forward to outside of further angst and pain. Heck, I even went to and graduated from college.

I’m blessed.

Edit: I also wrote 440 words (and so far, they aren’t cutting it), but on a day like today, even that can same rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
Edit #2: I just now realized that I wrote a little more after midnight yesterday, so my actual word count is 677; go me…


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