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Some days… Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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…I just want to…

I could fill that blank with a myriad of both evil and pleasant thoughts, but some days the evil ones win out over the pleasant ones.

First-job has been hectic and stressful this week, but I know things are about to get better. Some decisions will be made that will hurt at first, but will be entirely better for me in the long run and hopefully, I will have more time and energy for my second job if I play “cards” right.

I wrote just 283 words tonight (his focus on the tense silence at home) and would have stopped at 202 had I not set a goal for myself, so I know I can at least clap myself on the back once for still striving for a goal even though fatigue, pain and sloth would normally prevent me from doing so.

There are so many things I’d like to do this evening, but alas…I know all I’ll end up doing is reading comics online until I grow too tired to read any longer.

Cheers to living life to the fullest…


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