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Writing myself to death Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Yesterday, I decided that I would just write a bit since I was home early and then after I’d written “a little,” I would go do other things with the rest of my night. The problem was that “a little” turned into a little bit more and a little more and then, a little more until I had written straight up to 11:55pm.

I had also planned to have a relaxation splurge dinner since I’d done so well on my diet this week, but since I spent the entirety of the evening writing, I never got this dinner and never got ANY dinner yesterday. Needless to say, when I awoke this morning, I was so weak I could barely move. I simply did not have enough energy to propel me out of the bed or to walk. Even when I did manage to get up, I was dizzy and had trouble moving my arms, not out of fatigue, but just weakness.

I’ve said it before: I’ve given up family, friends and, at times, religion, to get this book written and now, it is beginning to take its toll on my health.

I wrote 533 words tonight (make his PC class move any faster.) and I think it’s time that I take my own advice and slow down a bit. What difference does it make if I starting sending the novel two weeks into June or the first week of July? Right now, I don’t even have a goal completion date anymore. I just want it finished since I feel like I’m so close and, while I don’t want to lose my momentum, I don’t want to have to take a super extended break from all writing to get my strength back after months of writing away my life.

This book will get finished and I will make it a piece of art very dear to me. I just need to have a little patience today to be ready for the blessings coming tomorrow.


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