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Blue text Sunday, February 13, 2011

I’m so surprised when I come across coloured text in Damen. I had made these random insertions into the original heavy notes and coloured them blue and red to alert myself of how they belonged to a separate part of the whole text. In the last draft, I pulled all the coloured texts into their appropriate places, but I still have a bunch of them lying in wait in my “Damen reminders” file.

For some reason, I’m completely shocked when I come across these, if not because of the sudden change in colour, then because I suddenly remember why it was coloured and I’m further shocked by how well the text flows even with the blue or red text.

What frustrates me, however, is that I can’t remember why I chose the colour scheme I did. Did red mean notes? Did blue mean full prose? It doesn’t make too much sense to me…

I went to church today and sang in the choir. Pastor’s sermon really hit me today as I contemplate some terrible undercurrents at the first-job that may be just waiting to sucker-punch me. I spoke to my mother about the same today and reminded me that when waiting for a blessing, its best to keep oneself busy with other things one should be doing.

That said, I should have taken her advice to heart and written throughout the day, but I played the sims throughout the majority of the day while I edited and coded video. I managed 206 words (as the bird hit the trunk of its tree with a dull thud), but I had every opportunity to finish Chapter 10 and even break ground on Chapter 11. I suppose when I’m feeling a little down since I’m being weighed down with utter dread, I run to comfort things like old Seinfeld episodes and the sims…


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