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One Flight Down Sunday, February 6, 2011

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I’ve run out of titles, so the next few posts may be just song titles from whatever happens to be playing until titular inspiration strikes again.

I don’t know whether it was the bit of relaxation I got today or the rush I’ve got from watching X-Files two nights in a row, but I’m feeling rejuvenated. I wrote 932 words today (He turned towards the rest of the lunchroom.) and, even though I didn’t make it to church today, I still feel better. I think I just really needed the rest.

I did wrestle with the subject of going to church this morning, however. I even got out of the bed when it was time to get up to just make it on time, but I went back to sleep without setting another later alarm and then deemed the hour too late to attempt to make it. The interesting thing is that the decision plagued me throughout most of the day and probably kept me from doing anything meaningful today.

Anyway, I got an amazing jump today. Let’s just hope I can ride this until I finish this chapter.


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