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A busy day Sunday, January 30, 2011

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My mind is kind of blank right now. I’ve just now come home from an 8-hour stint at the first-job, bringing me up to 59 hours for the week. There is something so awful about the sound of working a 60-hour week that I hate to think about it, but I know that if I don’t get some better organization going, I’ll be peaking at 70 and 80-hour weeks shortly.

A part of this fatigue comes from not getting enough sleep last night (blaming Netflix on that one) and then literally getting “all cried out” over the sight of my pastor drooping over the podium as he fell ill into his seat. What’s really interesting about the whole incident is my behaviour when I start to panic. I probably look calm and to outsiders, I may even seem calm; perhaps just tired or sad. But, eventually I managed to run away from the scene. The first time I noticed I did this was at Edrith‘s homegoing. I wasn’t ready for the funeral directors to bring her in yet and I actually ran away from helping my cousin with the remaining arrangments. I panicked today too and, while everything seems to have worked out for the best (more or less), I really did manage to book it out of church today rather calmly.

I got through 388 words today (, in his mind, was like what Corey did), which is nothing especially special, but…

Considering the day I’ve had, I’m glad I even have the strength to write anything all. Onto tomorrow…


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