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So…cold… Thursday, January 20, 2011

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It snowed some three or four inches today. I spent close to thirty minutes just digging my car out of its parking spot and then another hour to make the normal 20-minute drive home. I also haven’t turned on the heat in the apartment all winter, choosing to use space heaters instead, so I’m pretty darn cold this evening.

All the snow and drama of the first-job, notwithstanding, I still decided to take a break from “Arrested Development” and my new Game Informer to write just a little. The idea of going more than a day or so without writing is unsettling and, now that I’ve done this for a few weeks, it simply feels natural to update something before midnight.

I wrote 459 words tonight (pulled out her phone and immediately began texting.) which is nothing remarkable, but still worth mentioning. I doubt I’ll write too much more tonight, but it’s really just a matter of trying to stay warm for the rest of the night at this point.


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