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What to do… Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I’ve got nothing significant to write about today. Today was just another day; nothing special or fascinating, not that I’d share online, that is.

I wrote 632 words last night (dark eyes were shining and his skin had turned red) and I suppose I could have wrote more, but I spent all night just drafting more notes to flesh out the characters more. I also realized that I’ve got some people to rename. I might keep Amber as Amber, but Dane must be renamed. It’ll be hard enough to hope that people can keep all the A-named folks straight. Having a Dane next to my Damen is a little much.

I think I’ll write some more tonight and hopefully more in the morning before I go off to the first job, but for now, I think I’d just like to sit comfortably (as shown in my Project 365 for tonight) and continuing watching “Bleak House.” I just love British TV and film so much as it is and that fact that Ms. Anderson is playing one heck of a Lady Dedlock just makes me smile and almost ready to willingly delve into some Dickens for reasons outside of getting inside Damen’s head.



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