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Writing FTW! Saturday, January 15, 2011

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If I count completed prose and dialogue, I got through 1749 words today. If I count the page of new notes that lead into complete prose and dialogue later in addition to my actual completed prose and dialogue, I wrote 2333 words today. I like the latter number, but if I go by just notes, then Damen was “complete” October 2009.

I feel like I’ve gone through a writing decathlon these past few days…and I love it. What I’ve come to realize, however, is that I no longer have the desire to see this through to completion; I have to get this done. Over the past three years, I’ve given up family, friends and often times religion in my pursuit of this novel and, if I don’t complete this novel, then the past few years have been for naught. I’ll have accomplished absolutely nothing through my mid twenties. But, that won’t happen. I’m on a roll now.

I have finally got into the real story of Damen and these characters are finally starting to move on their own. This tells me that I’ve got a great deal of editing to do when it comes to Chapters 1 – 8, but if memory serves, the rest of the novel moves at an incredible pace once Damen and Brit start speaking.

I’ve still got a lot of crafting to do when it comes to some of these characters since I’m struggling to keep Damen from seeming to be in love with Brit so early in the story. He’s not in love with her at this point, I tell myself. He’s just intrigued. Intrigue does not equal love when it comes to Damen and Brit. Throwing Andy into the mix, just throws Damen’s sexuality into question and I’m beginning to regret this part of the story. I’ve not decided to remove it, but still.

Back to my second job…


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