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Holy word count, Batman! Saturday, January 8, 2011

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I ended up writing 3766 words earlier this morning. I stayed up until past six in the morning trying to write out my frustrations and ended up oversleeping and showing up an hour late for work.

I wish that I could have written a little more, but I had to take advantage of a little quiet time after the other folks had left for the day. Three and half hours of glorious silence and my God! The amount of work I got done tonight! It was just so fantastic that I can’t be mad about not making it to five thousand today. I’d like to think I’ll get to 5K on the 9th, but since I’ll be going to the first job on Sunday and Monday, I doubt it will happen.

Tonight will be for some Seinfeld, some light munching and, if I have time before I settle for the night, some writing.


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