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Not too shabby Sunday, January 2, 2011

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I wrote 834 words tonight. The good thing is that I plan to write much, much more after midnight.

I like the idea of writing in the early morning and posting later in the day, than this last minute stuff because I imagine that I could probably get through more than 2K words if I didn’t feel like I was so pressed for time.

Then again, the only thing that keeps me honest when it comes to my writing is my daily cutoff point, so perhaps night will work best for me.

Anyhoo…I find it fascinating that I’m still trying to figure out who Corey is as a character. I’ve had most of his quirks pulled together at the time of the novel’s conception, but I’m still in this phase where I’m analyzing his relationship with Damen. What’s difficult at this point is make sure that he’s not unlikeable while Damen is still getting to know him, but remain true to Corey’s character. I can’t very well have him act like this nice, decent fellow and then all of sudden blurt out the so-called n-word like it’s nothing. That would be out of character, but as long as there is something about Corey’s character that is “clearly hidden” just beneath the surface…I may just be able to pull off this.

I did manage to get some things done today, like grocery shopping, and the house hasn’t collapsed into a mess yet (though my library has definitely seen better days), but other than getting up a picture for my Project 365, I’m happy with just 834 words today. As far as I’m concerned, any word count is better than zero.


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