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Knowing when to stop Monday, December 27, 2010

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I made a lot of progress today and wrote 1551 words in two hours. That included even a brief pause to look up some other Jane Austen character to name after another street in Damen and some other poets whose works Anthony wouldn’t mind Damen reading.

The problem, however, during one of these mad writing highs is that I know I should be asleep since I’ll need to be up at 7am tomorrow this morning, but I can’t stop writing. I had several opportunities to take a break and go to sleep, but I just kept saying to myself, “Just one more part…just one more paragraph.”

I decided not to end Chapter 7 at the break I’ve just taken, but these last 1500 words make it really feel like the end of the chapter. I think it sums up what I’d hinted at with Anthony stealing Damen’s Phillis Wheatley and provides a nice “show” for a reader who fully picked up on what I was trying to say and may even have tried to visualize what had happened during all the “tell” that occurred in this chapter.

Anyway, I started this thing a while ago, where I could keep track of bits and pieces that I wanted to include later, but had nowhere to put now that I’m in first draft phase. During the heavy notes phase, I can keep the little “add Angel’s rant here” reminders throughout the text, but when I’m planning to have something worthwhile completed by the end of this edit through the novel, I can’t very well keep notes to myself, even when I need them.

I’m glad I decided to make my reminders file because I thought of something really fantastic to go down between Damen and Anthony towards the end and it involves Corey and guns. I haven’t decided if Damen will go so far as to get his gun when he’s really mad or if he’ll throw it in the lake or if Brit will find it or anything else, but I’m quite certain that Corey will give him a gun and that should keep some tension going until we see what becomes of the gun. I’m a little excited myself to see what happens. 🙂

All right, I’ve got to be up in just a few hours and go back reality with my cold apartment and deadline upon deadline at the first job. I’m just really glad I got some writing done this holiday and hopefully this sense of accomplishment will push me through the rest of the week.


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