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Crash Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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My laptop randomly crashed in the middle writing this morning. Thankfully, I only had about a paragraph of unsaved work prior to the crash, but it just makes a lesson from my mother far more poignant: Save often.

I have my novel stored on an external hard drive that’s connected to both the PC and the laptop in the event of something just like this, so I was able to continue writing while the creative juices were flowing. And, goodness! They were flowing this morning; 1383 words! That’s the closest I’ve come to 2K a day since I started this endeavour.

I’ve got nothing interesting to say other than I completely rewrote Damen’s “breakup” with Tabitha. I’m reluctant to call it a breakup since they weren’t really a couple or anything, but since Damen behaves as if it’s a breakup, it seems fitting.

Originally, the breakup talk involved a lot of yelling and Damen-brand snarkiness, but the more I thought about his demeanor in the days after the Great Jessie Debacle, I found a very terse, soft conversation more fitting. Damen also goes silent towards Angel and Anthony and even throws out a little bit of racism when he’s at his meanest to Tabitha. I hesitated adding the “go find yourself a black football player” piece because it may suggest that half the reason he hates Anthony is skin colour, but I think I’ll counter this with a little more Brit “worship” in the next chapter.

If memory serves, he sees Brit is a cousin in the next chapter, so tonight (hopefully tonight; I’m tired of writing in the mornings) will be spectacular.


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