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Determination Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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I didn’t write at all last night and eventually just put myself to bed when it was apparent there was no use in even trying to write something. Whether it was from fatigue or worry or just the Aleve, my brain would not, could not function properly; I barely enjoyed playing the sims.

This morning, however, I was determined. I knew that if I went more than 24 hours without spewing anything creative, the spell would be broken and there would be no way I could face January 1, 2011 knowing that at least I did everything I could to get this novel complete before the year end.

I got up this morning (not that early, I am still me after all) and wrote 987 words and got just past Damen’s first conversation with Tabitha about Jessie’s allusions to his masculinity. The words fell quickly and I’m in the mood to read The Fountainhead. I think that novel is a little too on the nose, but I’m far happier with it than I was with The Odyssey and Beowulf analogies.

I really want to finish this chapter tonight, so perhaps I’ll just come home and write tonight. I’m a little burned out on Guitar Hero for the time being and I know that this chapter is the major hump before the rest of the book gets really interesting. From here, Damen gets to actually meet Brit and we get to see how Anthony behaves with his siblings and, of course, meet Anessa and get her brilliant barbs to her brother. It just gets better from here and I’m so excited to just get that much further into the novel.

Maybe I will have this complete by the 31st December…


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