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Must stop resting my eyes in my chair Friday, December 3, 2010

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This counts for last night since last night suffered the same debacle as the previous one.

I only got 439 words last night…miserable failure.

It did not help that I didn’t leave my first job until 11pm yesterday, but much of my night was spent just staring at the laptop screen and trying to figure out how to end the scene. Yesterday, I realized that all my allusions to The Odyssey and Beowulf were over the top and stupid, but I didn’t go to sleep with a plan in place. I just “rested my eyes” in my chair and that was the end of it.

Last night, I tried to peruse as many books and short stories that I thought would make a similar analogy, but nothing produced from an hour of searching. I bounced back and forth between Damen reading The Phantom Tollbooth and Animal Farm; I settled on Animal Farm (though, now that I think of it, maybe it should be The Phantom Tollbooth).

Then, I had no idea what should happen next. Previously, the scene just ended with the Grendel’s mother thing, but now I had to have him do something and make it connect or at least foreshadow what’s coming the next day. I decided on a drawing and then got a burst of inspiration by making the allusions via Facebook. The problem about writing about Facebook, is just that. There’s no way I can write out the last ten of Brit’s status updates in the novel, so now I have to just say that’s what Damen sees. 😦 I played around with a dozen different methods of showing how Brit’s status updates implied that she knew what went down between Damen and Jessie and probably wrote a total of 530 words, but most of those can’t be used.

Everything fell apart when I was trying to decide what Damen should be doing. The foreshadowing was in place, but then what? Does he try to chat with her? I tried this at first, but the pair haven’t even said Hi to one another yet and I’ve got them chatting a Facebook? I even thought to bring this up in the prose, but by then, it was almost 3am and nothing else would come. My brain just wonked out on me and then I decided to lean back in my chair and “think over the scene.”

Well, today is another day. Maybe I can just finish the rest of this scene and the actual chapter tonight. I’m getting kind of sick not knowing what to do in my own novel.


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