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Chapter Three Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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My writing style (if I were be so bold as to call it that) keeps me in constant awe.

For one, I don’t write in normal paragraphs; I write with the first line flush with the left margin of the page, with the remaining lines in the paragraph indented. It is almost as if my paragraphs flow opposite what a paragraph should be. Every once in a while, I have to catch myself when I add that same stylized writing to anything viewed by the general public, because lately it is so ingrained in me, that I have to stop and remember what a normal paragraph should look like.

Aside from my hanging paragraphs, I never write in order. I’ll start on one part of a sentence, move onto something that will occur eight to ten lines down, move up a bit, then finish the first sentence before filling in all the other gaps and then reading and re-reading to make sure everything makes sense. It’s wild, but these are “techniques” I somehow developed when writing Flight and continue using years later.

What’s even more interesting (at least for me) is that this is nothing I learned in a class or seminar; this is pure Dorienne.

I mention my obscure writing methods only because it dawned on me that I’m not as far along in my novel as I had thought. Upon my last editing stop, I noticed that I was a good 160 pages out of 224 into the novel, but with the addition of a little detail (a little more description of Damen’s eyes in the very beginning), I ended up reading from the very first sentence and found my true stopping place. Somehow, I’d jumped around so much in the novel, that I honestly thought for a minute that I had full chapters complete and behind me. It shouldn’t really be of any surprise considering I’d written the majority of the novel in this same jumping state, but I did realize I’d made a breakthrough. I was able to write something that had not been written or even thought of for months: Chapter Three.

I’ve finally got two complete and whole (though in Dorienne-style paragraphs) chapters in my novel. Though, I’ve got many, many more pages to re-re-re-edit, I may yet even get this thing complete. And, the best part is, I know much of what is to come is already done for me, since I had been pressing on through Damen as if I were in the homestretch.

Maybe I really am in the homestretch when it comes to my first publishable novel.


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