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More sacrifices Saturday, June 27, 2009

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I must say, up front, that working 66 hours in one week ranks somewhere on the top ten of the worst experiences in my life. It’s not only that I did little else, but work and sleep. It’s also the idea of trying to write when my brain is just barely functioning that makes the entire thing so irritating.

Like I predicted, I was able to make some headway in Damen and am finally ready to tackle the nuances of the scene with Jessie, much the way I had to ready myself and get over the whole thing Damen and Anthony in the car. Thinking about those scenes in reference with the rest of the book, they don’t seem all that important, but I know it’s really important that tell as much I as I can about these characters in those scenes as possible because otherwise I run the risk of spending the novel “telling” what the characters are doing instead of just showing what they do. <<Phew, what a run-on!>>

Anyway, Friday got me really, really ready to put a lot more effort into writing and getting out of debt. It was probably one of the worst days I’ve had at this day job of mine in the two years I’ve been there and I found myself needing some time to sit and remind myself that I’m better than this little day job of mine. I pulled up Flight, read much of the first chapter and got enough of a boost to keep from walking out of the office when my frustration reached its peak. I also got a review for Flight on SVUfiction.com which just made me grin for much of the day…until I got to work, that is. I miss writing it, but just thinking about it makes me want to push even harder to attain these goals. I know I can do this. It’s in the cards, in the plan, in the…whatever!

So, I’m going to pull out all stops for July and reach for every goal I’ve been pushing back each month since I created my pseudo-New Year’s resolutions. I probably won’t be updating a lot between now and July, but still…on I trek!


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