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The small stuff Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Sometimes I find it rather difficult to defeat that beast known as procrastination.

I did get some work on Damen done tonight. Some meaning very little, now that I think about it.  Once again, I fell into a favorite trap of doing far too much research on very, very simple ideas.

Tonight was no different. I researched (for only about ten minutes total, but principles here) whether or not high school kids got a syllabus for their classes. It’s not like I’m that far from high school, but then again…yeah, it’s been almost seven years since I’d graduated from high school, and even then, I’d only had two AP classes my last year. I haven’t done “high school kid” work since I was probably 15 (ironically Damen’s age). Needless to say, I simply could not remember if there had been a syllabus in my last high school English class.

It’s not entirely necessary that I learn this small detail because I doubt I’ll use it for anything more than saying, ‘Britiana picked up her syllabus.’ or ‘Damen knew the book hadn’t been on the syllabus…’ and such. It’s such a small detail, but like I found myself doing in Flight, I love doing the research on something so small. For some reason, making sure the details are right just gives me that elevated sense of self satisfaction and drives me to write even more.


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